PAMPA Membership Area  

One of the purposes of PAMPA is to provide a means for communications among control line stunt fliers. With that in mind the officers, directors, and Stunt News staff present to you the PAMPA Online Reference Manual.

If you need printed copies of the Reference Manual, send $5.00 per copy to the Stunt News Editor. Make checks, payable to PAMPA. Credit cards are accepted.

Help PAMPA grow. Show your copy of Stunt News to non-members and give them a membership form. Help place copies of Stunt News in your local hobby shops. For additional copies of Stunt News send $5.00 per copy to the Stunt News Editor. Give gift memberships to beginners and friends. What a great gift they can enjoy all year long! Support your local club. They are the backbone of our hobby/sport.

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